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Water Bird Water Treatment Chemicals







Water Bird Water Treatment Chemicals L.L.C 

Established in the 80’s, water Bird has now become the one-stop solution to address all needs on the water and wastewater treatment front. Our vast experience combined with the technical support / back up of all our principles has time and again reiterated our commitment to answering Industrial, Commercial and Domestic water treatment needs.

Headquartered at Dubai, with offices in Abu Dhabi and sharjah, providing quality service is a priority to us. We function as a cohesive unit becoming part of the client’s fraternity to endure trouble-free operation, ably supported by our trained team of Chemical and Mechanical engineers and their service support personnel.

Water Bird now has three divisions in its fold:

1) Specialty Chemicals And Automation Division
2) Process Water Division
3) Waste Water Division

With these divisions, Water Bird has pioneered the Total Water Management concept in this part of the world.

Demineralizers, Mixed Bed & Separate BedWe ara a leading manufacturer of industrial water demineralizer and deionizer (DI) equipment designed for the economical and efficient removal of dissolved salts and minerals. These water treatment systems produce high purity water for commercial and industrial applications. our designs and manufactures a complete line of DI systems to meet your water quality requirements.

De AlkalinizerDealkalization refers to the removal of alkalinity ions from water. Of the different methods that can be used for alkalinity removal, chloride cycle dealkalization is perhaps the simplest, & can prove to be very cost effective in many situations.

Electrodeionization (EDI)Electrodeionization (EDI) is usually considered a water treatment technology that utilizes an electrode to ionize water atoms and separate dissolved ions (impurities) from water. It differs from other water purification technologies in that it is done without the use of chemicals and is usually a tertiary treatment to reverse osmosis(RO).