1. CI-240 (Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor)

CI-240 is a corrosion and scale inhibitor for open recirculating cooling water systems. The formulation contains all organic corrosion inhibitors against corrosion on steel and copper alloys.

CI-240 is particularly suitable for cooling towers with high pH, high hardness and high water temperatures.

2. CB-270 (Broad Spectrum Biocide / Fungicide)


CB-270 is based on heterocyclic isothiazoline derivatives. It is a highly effective non oxidizing biocide and slimicide to be used in cooling water systems.

 CB-270 can effectively be used to control a wide spectrum of bacteria, algae and fungi. It is non foaming means ease in operation.

 CB-270 is a significant biocide as it can be used at pH levels up to 10 & it does not contain any organic solvent. It is compatible with chlorine as well

3. CB-230  (Microbiological Control Agent)

CB-230 is a blend of quaternary ammonium compounds specially formulated for the control of microbiological growth in systems.

CB-230 is particularly effective against algae that develop in alkaline cooling waters.


4. CD-239  (Antifoulant and Dispersant)

CD-239 is a synthetic organic antifoulant which inhibits the deposition of fouling materials on heat exchange surface. Fouling causes by dead microbiological growths, phosphates, silicates, metallic oxide, silt and other air borne materials can be eliminated. CD-239 acts to keep surface clean and maintain a high rate of heat transfer as well as to enhance corrosion inhibitor film formation.



 1. CS-430  (Corrosion Inhibitor Molybdate Based


CS-430 is a multi functional, convenience formulation for controlling corrosion and prevents scale deposition in the closed circuit.

 CS-430 contains blend of organic phosphorus compounds, molybdates, organic inhibitor and alkalizing materials, outstanding results are obtained at low dosage ratio.


2. CS-470  (Corrosion Inhibitor Nitrate Based)

CS-470 is a liquid treatment for controlling of corrosion in closed water systems. The formulation is based on a blend of organic and inorganic inhibitors and additional stabilizers.

CS-470 can be used in heated water systems and it is suitable for both hard and soft water make up.

 Corrosion protection is provided by establishing a protective film on both ferrous and non ferrous metal.