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Chemical Cleaning



FE-707 is a compound made of passivated acids. It is designed to eliminate deposits attached to the linings of all machinery carrying or containing of hot or cold water, such as: pipe work, water heater cons, water tanks condensers, chillers, boilers etc.


Use 10-200 gms per litre of FE-707 depending on whether a slow or fast reaction is desired. Solutions of low concerntration (1to5%) allow slow descaling in closed circuits while the machinery is running (i.e. cooling circuits run by press or motor.)

Solution of higher concerntration (20%) are designed for repid action steel baths, water heater coils, machinery that can be taken apart, where immobilization time must be greatly reduced, etc.


FE-707 is easily soluble in water. The dissolution occurs more rapidly in hot water (about 50 oC), and the solution is chemically active as soon as dissolved.

When there are no more bubbles being produced on the bath surface or at the pipe openings, the deposits have been eliminated. The pH should stay less than or equal to 2.5 (or color of solution changes).


After descaling, empty and rinse well with clear water, neutralize using a 3% solution of soda ash or caustic and then empty again and return to service, after thorough rinsing.Our technical service will give you all the information necessary in order to avid new scale build-up.

FE-707 does not act on non-ferrous metals, seams, plastics, natural or synthertic rubber. There could be much foam during the operation which prove the effectiveness of the reaction. It does not present any risk to the installation.


Because FE-707 is an acid product, we recommend wearing gloves and safety glasses when handling.

It does not emit toxic vapors, so it can be used near flame. It can be kept indefinitely if stored in a dry place. In case of accidental contact with hands or clothes, rinse copiously with fresh water.